Kawehi: Live Review

Depending on your world view the one man band can mean a lot of things. Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins is a classic 20th-century image who’s spirit can be found in artists like the Lonesome Organist. In today’s digital world the one man band is something completely different. Robert DeLong, Anna Wise, Bayonne and now Kawehi are changing our view of what a single performer can do on stage. Kawehi performed innovative originals alongside covers from the likes of the Eurythmics (Sweet Dreams) and Nine Inch Nails (Closer) on April 15th, 2017 at Vinyl in Atlanta.

Her musicianship on the piano and vocal range helped to truly emote the feelings on each song. Sparsely attended and at one of Atlanta’s most intimate venues, Kawehi took advantage of this and connected with her audience with her eyes as well as her voice.  Her songs are well formatted and ready for radio consumption, with dance beats and titles like “Pop Song.”  Her soft voice is coupled with millennial love lyrics inviting you to come closer listen intimately.

A set list of the show can be found here.

I saw this show using Jukely, an app that puts you on the guest list for a show every night for $25 a month.  Use my Jukely link to receive $10 off your first month.


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