Kweku Collins: Live Review

In the same vein as Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper or Atlanta’s own Raury, Kweku Collins is a rap artist who wants to test the boundaries of the genre.  His rhymes are highlighted by drawn out syllables against often downtempo back beats.  Minor keys, piano leads and psychedelic phaser instrument effects are common themes in this Illinois artist set. Backed by a DJ singing along to the chorus, Kweku Collins performance in Purgatory of the Masquerade was a pumped up and intimate affair.

An artist still finding his footing, he bounced around the stage with reckless abandon.  Kweku Collins energy was unbound but his set was missing something.  His genuine love for the music was there, and his dreadlocks bounced to the rhythm with every song but you can tell he is still a young artist finding his way.  With his talent, it’s unknown where he’ll end up.

A set list of the show can be found here.

I saw this show using Jukely, an app that puts you on the guest list for a show every night for $25 a month.  Use my Jukely link to receive $10 off your first month.


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