Maximize Your Concert Experience: Pre-Show

We live a life searching for perfection.  We want everything we do to be simple and every experience to be the most memorable. A concert experience is seemingly out of your control as your goal is to enjoy someone else’s performance.  An artist can be “on” or having a bad night, nevertheless, you can create a better experience for yourself at the show.

Follow these tips to maximize your concert experience and more appreciate every live performance you see.

  • Look up the set: Set lists are often repeated during a tour, especially guilty of this are large touring bands and electronic artists.  Fans upload the sets to Before seeing a band search for their recent sets and check out what songs they are playing on the tour.
  • Create a playlist based on the set: Take the last tip and go one step further.  This is especially helpful for artists with deep catalogs.  You may love all the songs on the debut album, but if the band is playing 80% new songs on tour, your listening time is better served checking out those specific songs.
  • Look up already existing playlists: Much like everything in life, someone has likely already done the hard work for you.  This is especially true for festivals. Don’t spend hours making a playlist for Lollapalooza, just search for it!
  • Understand what the lyrics are about: A boring song can suddenly become interesting if you understand what it’s about.  Use to not only read the lyrics but also see the story behind every line, often told by the artist themselves.
  • Check artists social media: Artists, especially smaller ones, will do impromptu busking or in-store shows the day of the concert.  Follow them on Twitter for the most up to date info and you might catch an especially intimate performance.

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