Shaky Knees Festival 2017: Friday Experience

Hosted in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the Fifth annual Shaky Knees festival featured more than a dozen food options, three stages of bands, and tens of thousands of music fans over three days.  This is my third year attending this festival and it’s become a true favorite that I look forward to every year.  I’ve even got a Shaky Knees tattoo which gets me in for free for life.

Instead of reviewing everything in detail I’m going to give one line about each band I saw and every memorable experience I had.

  • Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes: Probably the heaviest band of the festival, played super early and repeatedly told one excited fan “fuck you.” Classy.
  • Cymbals Eat Guitars: A rock bland.
  • Yasso Yogurt Truck: They were handing out free yogurt pops and I think I had twenty.  Highly recommended!
  • Zipper Club: A pop band with poptential. I’m hilarious.
  • The London Souls: Two-piece rock band who reminded me of People’s Blues of Richmond or Wild Adriatic.
  • Lo Moon: L.A. dream-pop band playing their first Atlanta show. Got the setlist!
  • Temples: First heard these guys on Album 88 a few years back, they put on a great show, dressed and sounding like a 60’s psych-rock band.
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise:  Next time spend longer writing your songs and less time coming up with a silly band name, surprise, I was bored.
  • King of Pops: Pushing the boundaries by raising the price by a dollar… but I still ate three of these a day.
  • Margaret Glaspy: Working her ass off (seems like she is always on tour) I was happy to finally catch her rock and roll vibes.
  • Car Seat Headrest: OMG, the singer bouncing his legs back and forth to the beat was adorable.
  • The Growlers: I was getting food or something but heard them play One Million Lovers, so that’s cool.
  • Pinegrove: If someone asks you what is an example of an indie rock band, tell them “Pinegrove.”
  • Wolf Parade: No wolves, no parades.  I cried a little.
  • Highly Suspect: Who are the random three guys who sit on stage with this band while they play?
  • Twin Peaks: A lot better than I expected, and people seemed to be into it.
  • Portugal. The Man: Holy crap a lot of people like this band.
  • FIDLAR: I lost my phone in the pit and I couldn’t care less because… Fuck It, Dog. Life’s A Risk.
  • Cage the Elephant: If you’ve never seen this band live, find out when the next chance you have is right now.
  • Pixies: They didn’t interact with the crowd at all and played mostly new songs to close the set.  They should be called Frank Black wants a paycheck.
  • LCD Soundsystem: When the crowd knows all the words and the lights cause minor hallucinations, you shouldn’t fake retire anymore.

Did you attend on Friday of Shaky Knees this year?  What was your experience like?SK

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