Shaky Knees Festival 2017: Sunday Experience

Hosted in the heart of downtown Atlanta, the Fifth annual Shaky Knees festival featured more than a dozen food options, three stages of bands, and tens of thousands of music fans over three days.

Instead of reviewing everything in detail I’m going to give one line about each band I saw and every memorable experience I had.

  • the sketch parking lot across from the Aquarium: Why are people shady?  I just went back to my favorite lot.
  • Saint Motel: Should’ve gone to see these guys on Jukely in Hell at the old Masquerade, but I’m glad to have caught them here, great set although you can tell they are still new to such a large stage.
  • Arkells: They played the song I know, so that’s cool, right?
  • Warpaint: Meh. Hard meh.
  • Fruit Bats: Better than I expected.  I can only describe them as ’17 style alternative.  
  • Third Eye Blind: These guys were great, plus, their biggest song is about doing meth and they trolled the RNC.
  • Bleachers: Kind of surprised there was no special guest, I feel like Jack Antonoff is one of those guys who knows everyone.
  • the Shins: Their fans start singing the next song before the band starts playing it… That’s some dedication.
  • Ryan Adams: He’s too country for me. I was hoping to hear some Taylor Swift song but kept going to…
  • Pond: Glad I caught these guys, from Australia, I can definitely foresee them getting bigger on the next album, if not this one.
  • PhoenixThey started almost a half hour late because they were setting up this cool floor lighting system, but then I felt like they underused it. So… next time just be a good band and start on time.

Did you attend on Sunday of Shaky Knees this year?  What was your experience like?

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