Sarah & The Safe Word: Live Concert Interview

Before they took the stage in Purgatory at the Masquerade I joined six of the seven members of Sarah & The Safe Word for a conversation about the live concert experience.  The cabaret rock group from Atlanta maintained that ahead of their Warped Tour performance fan experience is a priority.  They understand that if someone is taking the time in their festival day to watch them that a true performance is necessary.  Proclaiming to have more of a theater background than one based in punk, their style seems appropriate for a Warped year headlined by the tongue in cheek Bowling For Soup.

Up and coming bands always have a chance to go viral with a well-timed cover, but Sarah and the Safe Word maintain that they choose which songs to cover due to emotions conveyed from the song and not what might hit at the moment.  In the past, they have covered some artists after their untimely deaths, with this particular night’s performance punctuated by a heartfelt “Be Yourself” by Audioslave in dedication to Chris Cornell.  The band shared that a cartoon theme song medley was in the works which sounded like a real crowd pleaser.

When asked where they drew musical inspiration from to originally pick up an instrument and perform Susy, the violinist in the group exclaimed with such genuine excitement that watching her grandfather perform in a mariachi group as a child growing up filled her heart with a musical appetite. It honestly made me eager to share moments like that with future generations

Sarah & the Safe Word released a new album earlier this year entitled “Strange Doings in The Night.”

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