Brick + Mortar: Live Review

Let me start by saying this was, hands down, the best live band I’ve seen this year (through August of 2017). Brick + Mortar are a two piece (bass and drums, with both singing) hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey who have been together for nearly a decade. For the live show, they are accompanied by a third person who could have easily stood behind his computer/sampler setup and never moved. However, that is not how it went down.

Brick + Mortar are a live powerhouse who’s imaginative performance and catchy songs are going to take them as far from the beaches of New Jersey as they want to go. Their third member was the maestro of the outstanding imagery and subwoofer shaking electronic samples which accompanied every single song. Mind-bending original video creations that left you wondering if you had been slipped some strong acid played along to the music behind the band. These intriguing videos along with the tight live instrumentation would have been enough but they took it to another level incorporating costume changes and crowd participation.

Giant blow-up hands encouraged the 200 or fewer people in Atlanta’s Masquerade to wave their own normal sized hands. A humongous balloon adorned with the song title “Terrible Things” popped just as the song burst into its final chorus covering the ecstatic crowd in glitter. For the song “One Little Pill” the singer/bassist wore a very Popesque outfit while the video/sample master passed out pill stickers while dressed as a giant pill bottle himself. From nipple tassels to Death trading lyrical barbs with a devil, the show kept me wondering what would they do next?

The audience was happy to oblige the band’s indulgences, making the show that much more enjoyable. We all crouched to the ground only to jump up in exclamatory unison as a bass heavy song launched from bridge to chorus. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a band finish playing and a solid 75% of the crowd immediately jumps in the merch line. I feel fortunate to have seen Brick + Mortar before they headline much larger venues. Don’t sleep on this band!

A setlist for the show can be found here.

I saw this show using Jukely, an app that puts you on the guest list for a show every night for $25 a month.  Use my Jukely link to receive $10 off your first month.

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