996: Duke Ellington – Ellington at Newport 1956 (1956)

Opening with one of my least favoite renditions of the Star Spangled Banner this jazz record has some interesting recording notes. It’s supposed to be a live record but really most of the music comes from a recording the band was rushed to complete the Monday after the concert in order to capture a better recording. The second track is, quite uniquely, an introduction of the band by Father somebody. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. There are screeching highs from the horns, graceful swings led by the trumpet and apparentley the rummer had a double bass drum kit.

I don’t know how to dance to music like this. It can be upbeat at times and I can find the rhythm and move but I mean there are songs that are too slow and I’m sure there are specific dance moves that go along with this music that would make the listening experience more enjoyable but as it is, I’m alone bopping along.

Bottom line: forgettable, pass

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