992: Thelonious Monk – Brilliant Corners (1957)

This reminds me of the Count Basie jazz album if it was being directed by Christopher Nolan. It keeps bending in weird ways that you’re not expecting and is an album that requires multiple listens for you to really be able to get into it. This ain’t your grandma’s jazz. These are not standards and you will not be able to dance to them easily. It reminds me of Fantomas or something if they were a jazz group. It sounds hard to play, which makes sense as Thelonious Monk was quoted (according to the book) as saying “I wasn’t trying to create something that was hard to play.” That quote didn’t happen after someone asked “How come it’s so simple?

Bottom Line: Having never actually listened to Thelonious Monk, I recommend it if you are in that boat.

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