987: Tito Puente And His Orchestra – Dance Mania, Vol. 1 (1958)

The rhythms on this album are outstanding. Sometimes outstandingly simple and simply layered, other times intricately woven and asking the listener to journey through a percussive dance of metallic and wooden tones, the constant upbeat of the album makes it hard to be in a bad mood.

I have zero idea what is being said on albums like this, sadly. But it honestly doesn’t matter. It’s all about the rhythm! I think if you took a woman dancing to a place playing music like this you would be guarenteed a second date.

Bottom Line: I think everyone should hear at least one song so they know exactly what kind of music Tito Puente made (he is a cultural icon) but listening to the whole thing isn’t required. Unless you want to dance and shake your hips all night long!

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