988: Little Richard – Here’s Little Richard (1957)

This is the debut album by the legend Little Richard and to think that he was dropping songs like Tutti Frutti in 1955 seems pretty radical if you think about it. Rock and roll simply wasn’t a thing, and it certainly wasn’t mainstream. Then this guy comes along and his hair is coifed so freaking nice, and his little mustache leaves something to be explained but he is singing about women, so no one is really putting two and two together. And the songs are familiar yet new and exciting with an outlandish voice in front of it all.

Some of these songs sound like some really standard blues or rhythm and blues tracks. Others are out of this world with energy always exemplified by Richard’s unforgettable yelp’s of excitement.

Bottom Line: Is this a must listen? Probably not, but Little Richard is nuts and as his debut he set a standard that others would simply never reach.

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