981: Miles Davis – Kind of Blue (1959)

You know what is great about jazz recordings like this? They are really, achingly live. Even if the recording was done in a studio, even if multiple takes were done, the recording feels like a live band sitting in a room with you taking you on a jazz journey. Each instrument here, from Davis’ trumpet to the piano, give space to each other at appropriate times and beyond. There were times I forgot a drummer was even there until I heard the soft sound of brushed on a snare.

The bass goes from staircase walks carrying the band in search of ever higher keys to subtle hints of randomness that are mellow in their quiet. Davis and his horn drive the melancholly tone as well as lift the group to higher spirits.

The songs are long, some crossing the ten minute mark. Some stuff felt like it would have been even better with a singer.

Bottom Line: It’s honestly OK. I’m just not the biggest fan of jazz, I guess.

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