Tove Lo: Live Review

Tove Lo is one of my favorite artists and I love her latest album, her fourth, as much as anything she has done in the past. Seeing her live is a fun, sexual dance party.

She performed a ton of songs off of her new album while gyrating to the beat in a mid driff Christian Dior shirt, sexy bikini bottoms with subtle bows featuring something metallic which caught the lights reflection while she danced.  Her crowd knows her songs and we all sang along emphatically. 

Her stage setup was fairly simple and consisted of a half circle screen at the back of the stage on which psychedelic imagery was projected throughout. My favorite use of this was actually close to the end of the show when she played Habits (Stay High) and her Sunshine Kitty character bopped it’s head along to the beat.

Besides the screen she had her band, three very Swedish looking fellows, up on rises allowing them to have a more dominant presence than most backing bands. The three band members, a dedicated drummer, a keyboardist and a multi-instrumentalist who swapped between guitar, drums, and keyboards were in perfect sync throughout the performance. They didn’t have an ounce of the stage presence that Tove Lo has but maybe that’s the reason for the stage rises for them. Either way, they were tight and the live version of the songs sounds incredibly close to the recorded version.

At one point her band left the stage and a single keyboard was brought out to the front of the stage for her to perform with. She admitted that although she isn’t much of a piano player it is the main instrument she uses when writing. This was really intriguing and inspirational to me as she is clearly a master of her craft but can’t even play her main instrument well. She went on to perform, sloppily, while playing the piano, stopping multiple times to refinger chords or change the key.

Her newest song, Bikini Porn, was saved for last and the crowd loved it despite the song only being out for a week or two.

All in all, it was a great show and I would happily pay to see Tove Lo again but I suspect I won’t have the chance for a while. If history stays true she won’t come back to Atlanta for a few years and I’m happy I caught her.

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