ESE: 1,000,000 – Nine Inch Nails

1,000,000 (lyrics here) is the second song on the album The Slip and is about suicide and feeling a million miles away from actual emotion and feeling.

The song starts with rocking live drums and a fuzzed out guitar. Trent’s vocals come in with one line quick takes that are on a delay as additional keyboard noises, a distorted bass and a a noisey feedbackesque distorted second guitar begin to build up.

The chorus “I jump from every rooftop” reminds me of when I played Tony Hawk and everything I saw in real life looked like a line I wanted to do a combo on. Of course, seeing yourself jumping from every rooftop is a bit more dark.

The song wraps up with a classic NIN trope, repeated lyrics. “I don’t feel anything at all.”

I have a long sleeve zip up with the art for this song on it that I love to wear!

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