ESE: Every Song Ever

Bottom Line: I’m going to listen to and document all the songs on my Starred playlist in alphabetical order. I’m stealing a book title to bucket these posts, Every Song Ever or ESE

In the early part of the millennium (the most dramatic way I could possible say 2000-2001) I struck out on a quest to have a physical (OK, digital but on a physical drive) copy of every recording I could get my hands on from 1/1/1981 forward. That quickly became an insanely daunting task that I could obviously never accomplish but I didn’t need to based on a prediction I had in January of 2002.

While in Lithuania visiting my fiance at the time I was hanging out with one of her ex’es, a great guy names Neros. He also collected music and while the files transferred between our hard drives I brought up the idea of all music being available in the cloud (a concept that itself was rather new). This would allow us to “dial up” any song we wanted.

Fast forward (I want to say) 8 years and I had a Spotify premium account for less than I paid for a single CD each month. Limitless access to (almost) all music, at decent quality. It was incredible!

When I first got Spotify I started Starring my favorite tracks. Since that time I have Liked (what Spotify changed the Stars to) nearly 9,000 songs. These are not just every random song, they are literally my favorite tracks.

I recently sorted this playlist, all of my favorite tracks, alphabetically and thought I should listen to them all and maybe document the journey. What came from that is my personal journey through Every Song Ever that matters to me.

I recently purchased a book called Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways to Listen in an Age of Musical Plenty. I thought it would inspire me to discover new types of music when in a world where everything is accessible. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the book so far. It hasn’t introduced me to anything and is instead kind of dull.

Let’s be honest, there is so much music out there that I could never listen to all of it. But the songs I love? I should be able to listen to that.

Here’s to me making it through each of these songs and learning a bit more about them while doing so!

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