I have honestly never known what Timmy Taylor from Brainiac has been singing let alone the meaning behind it. Unlike the more popular songs I’ll encounter on my journey of Every Song Ever this one had zero annotations on So I decided to add some of my own!

In order to do this, I enlisted my English majoring friend Elise (thank you Elise!) to help me interpret what Timmy was singing about.

This song is the last track on the third Brainiac album and it begins in a dramatic way, with a distorted voice screaming a capella. Listening to it now (over and over in order to write this) it’s almost as if Timmy, the founder and tragically dead singer, is screaming from beyond the grave.

Once the remaining instruments (synth, distorted jangle guitars and punk drums) join in the song really gets moving. The bass sounds (likely a synth) during the bridge are depressing and lurching.

The song is sung from the perspective of a musical entertainer who feels like he is unstoppable and is recognized as such. It takes a turn at the bridge when the market becomes over saturated with artists like him and he realizes he was just another commodity, disposed of and forgotten.

It wraps up lyrically by basically repeating the screaming from the opening, now with the instrumentation breaking down as opposed to chugging along.

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