ESE: #1 Crush (Nellee Hooper Mix) – Garbage

I, like everyone I know, was introduced to this song with this remix (although I don’t remember the radio ever telling me it was a remix…) tha as released on the excellent 90s alternative soundtrack to the Baz Luhrman Romeo & Juliet. Man, there were some good tracks on there! Movie soundtracks were a great place to release killer songs in the 90s!

The original version of this (released as a ‘b-side’ on the Vow single, but only the CD release, not the vinyl) is much different.

That song would not have made it to my Every Song Ever list but this remix… it’s so seductive, and sexy!

One aspect I love of the song is the sample of Madonna moaning from Bedtime Story, another song I love which happened to be written by Bjork and produced by Nellee Hooper. Getting paid on both ends, Nellee!!!

The song is about being obsessively in love with someone. Maybe a bit too much. It has some teenage aspects to it, the idea of a Number ONE Crush, and the whole “I’d sail ships for you” feels like something a dramatic 13 year old of privilege might say. And if that was on purpose and the song ended up blossoming from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack well.. That makes sense don’t it?

You know a remix is good when the band ends up performing that version live, and that is exactly how Garbage treats this song.

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