ESE: Trapezoid – Man or Astro-Man?

First, the song title is literally a Trapezoid shape. Not the word Trapezoid but the shape. Points for creativity, right? Spotify doesn’t know what to do with this and labels it as “?” I took a photo of my record with this song on it, it’s track 7.

There are no lyrics to analyze here, as with most songs by MoAM? There are three interesting things about this song and this album that are worth mentioning. First, one of the main songwriters of the group, Starcrunch, had left the group prior to this album being written. He is replaced by one of the clones from the Man or Astro-Man? clone tours. What were the clone tours? Well, geez, louise, is this your first Man or Astro-Man? interaction, sonny?

The new lead guitarist, Trace Reading, is accompanied by a second guitarist I don’t believe was in the band much either, Blazar the Probe Handler. I don’t make up the names, I just report them! The rhythm section of Coco the Electric Monkey Wizard (bass, theremin) and Birdstuff (drums) are the constants who I believe likely wrote songs or at least helped keep Trace Reading on target, so to speak.

Second, the album was produced, well he hates that word, engineered by Steve Albini. He tends to give things a noisey, garage sound. The beginning of this song sounds like Steve Albini had an idea and they ran with it. The first twenty odd seconds are a guitar recorded to a tape being bent out of shape to sound like a broken sitar or something along those lines.

The song kicks off properly with a punk rock drum stick count 1, 2, 3, 4… Followed by an all drum intro. Things like this always make me chuckle. A drummer counting himself in and then it being left on the record as an artistic choice. What goes into that choice, if anything? Maybe I’m overthinking it a bit…

The lead guitar is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Carrying the verse melody as well as leading the band on the dramatic chord changes, reverb hits and cuts. The drums and bass can’t help but follow the guitar, especially when it wraps up the song in a drawn out two chord slide that breaks down before building up to a crashing bang bang bang bang bang bang ending.

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