Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia (2020)

Dua Lipa is straight up a dance pop artist. You shouldn’t expect any slow ballads on her albums and I love that. Her 2020 release has a real disco feel to it with some funky Bootsy Collins inspired bass slapping around all over the place. She is really good at writing about getting over breakup, turning a positive corner and being cool and confident. Her voice isn’t insane and hard to sing to but rather familiar and fun. After listening to Future Nostaliga and loving several songs including Don’t Start Now, Good In Bed, Love Again, Cool, Physical, Hallucinate, Break My Heart and the title track Future Nostalgia, I had to see what release types there were and the one I found is particular cool.

Future Nostalgia released in several formats, including some different vinyl versions. The version I opted for came with what I believe to be 180 gram yellow vinyl. The record itself is in a sleeve within a giant hardcover book. The book contains many full page (12″) promotional photos of Dua Lipa, as well as an art print of the album cover with a thank you note from Dua Lipa on the back (looks hand written, but it’s printed). It also came with a Tattoo transfer replica of Dua’s actual ‘Future Nostalgia’ tattoo and one (of five possible) “Polaroid” images.

It’s honestly very pretty. I love the yellow vinyl and the tattoo transfer is a pretty cool idea. I wish the hand written note was actually hand written, but only for authenticity. But who would expect her to sit there and sign 30,000 or whatever of these things!?! Not me.

Bottom Line: The album is great and the special edition vinyl was worth it!

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