Reptar – Amanda (2015)

My first live Reptar show was at an event for a sadly no longer existent Atlanta monthly known as Creative Loafing. The event was celebrating the best of Atlanta which included time of amazing food and performances by four Atlanta acts including Reptar of course and, the reason I was drawn to the event, Man Or Astroman?

I can’t say what this song is about exactly. It’s titled Amanda and starts out almost like it’s the singer wondering if his lover back home still loves him but after the first verse… I don’t know. You tell me. Here’s the lyrics.

It’s filled with classic Reptar, fun xylophone sounds, wobbly vocals, and reverb/delay. It’s great fun and worth a listen, check the bottom for a Spotify link.

I was honestly more interested in this song because of the physical release which ended up costing me all of $3 plus shipping.

Can’t even tell what treasure is inside

It’s a limited numbered pressing (mine says 176/532) and came in a nicely packaged brown box with silver screen print on it.

Lovely screen printing make me feel like a VIP

Inside is the gem… A square, lathe cut, completely transparent record. Rad!

Oh… Squarey

I love

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