Charli XCX Live Review

Charli is a queen. I’ve written about her countless times. I’ve loved her since the beginning, seen her all over the South, and have watched her break down online live like I would watch a dear friend.

Her music continues to evolve and her approach to live performance has with it. I was disappointed the last time I saw her live realizing I was likely to not see her with live musicians ever again but this latest show at The Eastern rekindled my love for live Charli.

Alongside Charli XCX for almost the entire night were two backup dancers who were more than amazing. These two men moved with the music and conveyed so much emotion in their boundless rhythm that live musicians weren’t missed for a moment.

Of course, Charli herself put on what felt like a performance of a lifetime for us but was probably just another night for her at this point. I can’t wait to catch her again later this summer in Iowa at the 80/35 festival!


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